Awakening Citrus – Artisan Exfoliating Spa Salts

Luxurious Spa Salts – Completely Natural Ingredients

Vegan Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free

Treat your customers with ” Scents From Nature” handcrafted luxurious bath salts. They can be used in combination with many spa body treatments, aromatherapy oils, in the bath and showers, to pamper the skin, sooth tired muscles, and smooth away dryness and dead skin, leaving you feeling completely energized and refreshed!

Our bath salts are made with pure salt, hydrating essential oils, and natural botanicals added with pure fruit, floral and herbal extracts to create the finest in unique and delicious smelling fragrance combinations.

Our Artisan salts are available exclusively to Spas and not sold as an online product.



Awakening Citrus - Artisan Exfoliating Spa Salts