I’m certainly glad I purchased your pillow a couple of months ago. I’ve had a lot of stress in my life lately and when I got your Stress Reducing pillow I closed my eyes in my bed and was able to relax enough to get some good nights sleep.

M.W. Mississauga, Ontario

Dear Maureen,

What a great idea! Pleasant Dreams is helping me to sleep and cured my insomnia problem. Ever since I received it, I’ve been sleeping very well! I’ll be sure to pass this on to everyone I know.

Florence Smith, Toronto, Ont.


I’ve been having sleeping problems for the past year. I’ve had a lot onmy mind, and unfortunately haven’t been able to stop worrying at night when I go to bed. I’ve been using “Pleasant dreams” for the last few months and started sleeping instantly. It’s actually quite incredible. I now enjoy really deep sleeps and feel so much better getting a good night’s sleep . I now have way more energy to enjoy my days.

Thanks again,

Florence Smith , Toronto


My boyfriend Chris, has been experiencing really bad insomnia for the past couple of years. It was awful because he used to toss and turn all night, and then he’d keep me up. Chris loves his pillow, “A Good Night’s Sleep” The lavender and chamomile really help. He’s so happy I bought him the pillows, and has actually got rid of his insomnia , and his routine back together again.


Dianne L. , Mississauga


My husband‘s a high school teacher, and was taking sleeping pills this past year. I found your pillows and thought they might help him. So I bought him a couple to try. It’s unbelievable, because they really do work and he no longer has to take sleeping pills to get him through the night. He feels so much better without the groggy affects of pills during the day.


Betty White , California


Wow!!! Your pillows are so amazing. I could never remember my dreams. When I found your website, I thought what a neat idea. I bought “Creative Inspiration” and now I can remember a lot of my dreams. These are so cool !!

Rosie MacDonald

Banff, Alberta


I’ve enjoyed the use of “Traveler’s Comfort” a lot on the road. I love to take 15 minute power naps, and sleep on the plane. It’s great because it’s so small, it fits in my carry on. Thanks,

Frank Dean, Musician

New York

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