What Exactly Are They?



Back to nature with herbs, flowers and trees for Spirit, Mind andBody.  plesantdreamspillow

Get a great night’s sleep.

Inspire your dreams.

Invoke the powers of your imagination with Magic Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy dream pillows are small pillows you put in your pillowcase.  They are about the size of  5 by 2 inches.   They are made with special blends of herbs and aromatherapy oils which have deep lasting effects on your sleep patterns.  They help you relax, achieve a deep sleep and also to remember your dreams.   Different combinations of herbs and scents will help you invoke different dreams.

Healing energies of aromatic herbs, flowers and trees are combined into different blends.

Natural fragrances of herbs and flowers have long been shown to encourage vivid dreams and deep sleep. Dream Pillows are based on the way fragrances elicit memories in our brain, certain smells can arouse a memory that was long forgotten.

Dream blends are subtle; their fragrances are released as you move about the pillow during sleep. They do not have a really strong smell of a potpourri blend.